What is Double Opt-In & Why It Is Important?

Double Opt-In: Double Opt-In is one of the major features that need to be paid attention. This is simply an e-mail based newsletter where you can send e-mails to your users in the e-mail list. The check box involved in…

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Single Opt-In VS Double Opt-In!

The common question that always revolves in Email Marketing world is should I be using Single Opt-In email list or the Double Opt-In? To answer this, we should first know what is single Opt-In and Double Opt-In email list and…

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An Introduction To Opt-In Email List!

A discussion about Email Marketing is incomplete if there is no mention about Opt-In Email list. In the same our series of blog have a place for the detailed discussion about Opt-In Email list. Hence forth we will discuss about…

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