cPanel Server Management

Improved Server Performance

CentOS 4.x 5.x 6.x 32/64 bit Cpanel

Admin Consultaion (RHCE Certified)

24x7 Tiket Support

RHEL 4,5,6 32/64 bit Cpanel

Apache Tweaking & Optimizing Performance

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Definition of cPanel Servers

cPanel Server, which is the Linux Based web hosting control panel, provides a graphical interface and automation tools. This Server is mainly designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. The management of the cPanel Server involves the support and services related to the servers of the cPanel. It is In fact a web based control panel used by most of the hosting companies to provide shared, VPS and dedicated hosting for the websites.

Aspects of the cPanel Servers

With the 3 Tier Structure involved, the controlling of the websites regarding all the aspects of the websites can be easily taken in the hands of the administrators and resellers and users. The Cpanel is being designed especially to work on either dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server.

Advantages of cPanel Servers

There are several advantages of cPanel Servers, which can be found below:

  • Easy Portability
  • Installation process is quite simple
  • Various Interactive Interface
  • Have a great set of features through which managing of websites tasks can be done very easily

Cpanel Server Management provides support and services on cpanel based servers. We provide support on OS types like be CentOS 5, 6, Red hat Enterprise editions, CloudLinux or Fedora.

Supported Servers

  • CentOS 4.x 5.x 6.x 32/64 bit Cpanel
  • RHEL4,5,6 32/64 bit Cpanel

Unlimited Tickets Support

  • 24 x 7 Ticket Support
  • Admin Consultation ( RHCE Certified )

Response and Resolution Time

  • Within 10 Minutes Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  • Within 12 Hours Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets

Basic Security

  • Server Securing and Hardening
  • Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • 3rd Party Software Installation

Services Optimization

  • Apache Tweaking & Optimizing Performance
  • MySQL Optimization
  • Exim Optimization
  • Nginx Optimization

Core Server Management

  • Apache Tweaking & Optimizing Performance
  • Service Upgrades ( PHP, MySQL, Apache )
  • Server Tweaks
  • PHP and Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules ( mod_deflate, mod_security etc.)
  • Cpanel/WHM & Add-on Support ( RVSkin, SourceGuardian, Zend/IonCube etc )
  • SSL Certificate Installations
  • Custom Mail Server Setups
  • ClamAV Integration with Exim
  • Updates Applied as Required
  • Fixing Failed Services
  • Fantastico & Standard 3rd Party Software Support ( Joomla, WordPress, Moodle etc. )

Server Setup

  • Hostname, DNS Setup
  • WHM/Cpanel Setup
  • Services setup

Basic Security

  • Server Securing and Hardening
  • CSF Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • LFD Alerts on Brute Force Attacks
  • SMTP Tweaking
  • PHP Hardening ( SUPHP, SUHOSIN )
  • Mod_security Setup and Configurations
  • Root Login Email Alerts

Server Migrations

  • Backup Restorations, Database Restorations from Secondary Backup Disks etc.
  • Cpanel to Cpanel Server Migration ( WHM Transfer/Rsync/SCP ).
  • Additional Charges Applied for Server Transfers having more than 30GB of Data.

3rd Party Software Installation

  • Fantastico, RVSkin, cPanelPro, cPanelXp, ClamAV, Zend Optimizer, IonCube,GD, Curl, FreeType, EAccelerator, XCache, ImageMagick, Advance Perl Modules etc.

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery

  • If your server is under spam or hacked with external scripts under /tmp, We will investigate and fix the issue.

Server Log Analysis

  • Monitoring the Server Logs for Spam Source
  • Restart Failed Services upon Notifications
  • Fixing Server Services having Problems

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