Webmin Server Management

Improved Server Performance

CentOS 4.x 5.x 6.x 32/64 bit

RHEL 4,5,6 32/64 bit

24x7 Tiket Support

Mail Server & Apache Tweaking

Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Service

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Webmin Servers

Webmin Servers are the Web Based Interface for the UNIX system administration. However, the recent updates have made it to run on Windows version too. Primarily based on the Perl, this Webmin is capable to run its own processes and Web Servers. In simple words, the Webmin can be described as the software tool used to simply manage the process of the UNIX and Linux.

Advantages of the Webmin Servers

There are some unmatchable advantages of the Webmin Servers attached. These Advantages of the Webmin Servers are as follows:

  • UNIX Flavors - The Webmin Servers are primarily based on the UNIX like Platforms but can also integrate on UNIX Flavors like FreeBSD, HP/UX and Solaris.
  • Adjusting Behavior and Interface- Webmin Servers have the great ability to adjust its behavior and interface according to the underlying platform.
  • Modular Design- Each of the functions of Webmin Servers are contained in a module. These modules can be installed or uninstalled independent of the rest of the application, which makes its one of the most distinctive among other Control Panels.
  • Browser Accessibility- Since the Webmin Software can be accessed via any browsers, the clients can login from any system connected to own through a network and thus offers no difference in running locally or remotely.
  • Supported Servers

    • CentOS 4.x 5.x 6.x 32/64 bit Cpanel
    • RHEL4,5,6 32/64 bit Cpanel

    Unlimited Tickets Support

    • 24 x 7 Ticket Support

    Response and Resolution Time

    • Within 10 Minutes Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
    • Within 12 Hours Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets

    Services Optimization

    • Apache Tweaking
    • Mail Server Tweaking
    • MySQL Optimization
    • Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Services

    Server Management

    • Initial Server Setups
    • Webmin Setup
    • Service Upgrades
    • Account Management
    • PHP and Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules
    • Mail Server Setup
    • Configure Backups
    • SSL Certificate Installation
    • IP Address Setups

    Basic Security

    • Server Securing and Hardening
    • Firewall Installation & Configurations
    • SMTP Tweaking
    • PHP Hardening
    • Weekly Server Reports

    Server Restorations

    • Backup Configurations
    • Backup Restorations, Database Restorations etc.

    3rd Party Software Installation

    • Zend Optimizer, IonCube, GD, Curl, FreeType, EAccelerator, ImageMagick, Advance Perl Modules etc.

    Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery

    • If your server is under spam or hacked with external scripts like exploits of services running on the server , we will find it and patch the vulnerablility and install some customize security.

    Server Log Analysis

    • Monitoring the Server Logs for Spam Source
    • Restart Failed Services upon Notifications
    • Fixing Server Services having Problem

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