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Server optimisation is more important for any emerging business. your visitor’s seconds are important, securely is important. we perceive our work towards these goals.

Web Server Setup & Optimisation

We help you to identify what is best server setup along with optimisation.

IT Infrastructure Consultation

You are struggling by yourselves to identify what is the best server setup you could optimise for? my consultation on it infrastucturing will help you to be perform better.

Device Monitoring

Well! you got the right servers. now you are looking for someone who can monitor server and intimate you on the issues ? well, we are the right people for you!

Server Auditing

We auditing your server for security breaches, vulnerabilities(VAPT), impending threats and assist you with proper solutions.

Hacking Recovery & Prevention

Looking to make your server hack proof and recover the server from hackers! our expertise in white hat ethical hacking is to support you anytime.

FailOver Service

After people look their website is down due to servers failure. our experture identifies them and helps you to maintain 99.9% uptime by launching fail over services.

DNS Optimisation

DNS has to be optimised to perform website loading operation faster. we check them with faller attention to see if your website is at poor speeds.

Spam Filtering

Web spaces are filled with spams our services identifies the spam your business encounters and removes them or prevents them from hitting you basically DDOS.


Firewalling is for many purpose. Tell us what threats you face! We firewall it from the server.

Run any script on the site totally relies on command line interface.

Commercial software package for web hosting purpose client-admin management be easy creation of templates for clients.

For windows,Macosx,Linux,Unix platforms utilizes core php supports cent OS 32/64 bit.

Ease of management through its interface of include, Win server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 & 2012 R2.

Simplifies server operations linux based hosting control panel.

For both unix & Linux can run cent OS 32/64 bit & RHEL 32/64 bit.

ISP config supports Linux, It’s useful for managing records related to websites, E-mail address, DNS etc.

AWS Cloud

Running over a million customers wordwide the most powerful and 99.9% uptime guranteed solution. Highly sophisticated.

Google cloud

You can compute, Store, do bigdata analysis with google cloud. A modular cloud platform to deploy simple websites to complex mobile application.


Proudly acclaimed as fastest cloud server to host ecommerce business virtually on compromised servers with ease of management by our experts.

Digital Ocean

The cheapest cloud solutions with simpler management effort starting from $5 per month. very effective & hightly flexible.


Select from a range of colud servers and location for just $ 10/Month onwards. great uptime guranteed by them. we optimise it best fit for you.

We have given a success flavour to 100+ Business,
Some of them here.

We have given a success flavour to 100+ Business, Some of them here.

We Made them Successful

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