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Orderyourchoice has approached brightlivingstone for consultation services in digital marketing and hired us. On seeing our impeccable ideas on how a design has to come-up he approached with his first task. Here we go on how we delivered it.


Idea behind the cover

Every visitor would love to buy from a website which is very beautifully crafted. As we always wanted our clients success in each stage, our designs were based on the spirit of the occasion, which is very lovely.

The Appeal

Designs have to deliver. Only the designs which are having welcoming effect with the visitors can win. Our unique experience in digital marketing helps us to visualize those designs which are loved by people. We Design them based on BI.

Blend of right categories

Orderyourchoice has more than 50k Products in its store. Selecting the right category and placing themis very important to sell your products in your website.

How It Works For Acquistion


Acquisition of traffic will be meaningful if you have the right setup which can convert the most. Our bakers had made this acquisition strategy for orderyourchoice.com meaningful.

Conversion Optimised Flow

Tracking Pixel

It would be a sin to leave the design with no measurement on how it works as such. We install tracking pixels and monitor how user navigates your website. They helped us to take meaningful actions in upcoming designs.

Special Analytics Code Implement

Measurement is also insured through google analytics. We have setup all the required params so GA can also track how this page can perform.

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We have given a success flavour to 100+ Business, Some of them here.

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